Professional Development

Front Line Leader’s Tool Box

KnowledgeLab 2019 Recording Package

Have No Fear: How To Make It Real, Make It Right, and Hold Those Fierce Conversations

Essential Communication Techniques: Be a Better Writer, Presenter, and Manager

Mentorship – A Rewarding Journey

Help for the Crazy Busy: How to Get Control Over Your Time and Commitments

Succession Planning: Weather the Storm of Change

The Science of Success

KnowledgeLab 2018 Recording Package

Coaching: How to Create Profound and Sustainable Positivity in Your Team

Collaborative Leadership

DLM Exam Preparatory Course

Developing Your Leadership Style

Influencing Your Leadership Team

Strategies for an Impactful Diversity and Inclusion Program

KnowledgeLab 2015 Laboratory Leadership Package

KnowledgeLab 2015 General Sessions Package

How to Survive the Stress of Life

Leadership Development - A Core Competency for Every Laboratory Manager

Leveraging Adaptive Leadership Theory in the Laboratory

KnowledgeLab 2016: Full Recording Package

CPR: A Customer and Employee Engagement Model

Stress, Burnout, and Emotional Intelligence

KnowledgeLab 2017 Recording Package

Leveraging Strategic Relationships for Laboratory Success

Leader Development: A Journey of Mentoring and Action Learning

Developing Leaders for a Rapidly Changing Future

Crossroads or Roundabout? An Interchange of Laboratory Vocabulary Standards

Emotional Intelligence: How Behaviors, Thoughts, and Actions Promote Desired Results

Winning the Generation Game: Mixing Five Generations of Employee