Conference Recordings

KnowledgeLab 2019 Recording Package

MHS GENESIS: The New DoD Electronic Health Record

Have No Fear: How To Make It Real, Make It Right, and Hold Those Fierce Conversations

The Laboratory’s Role in Combating the Opioid and Synthetic Cannabinoid Crisis

Interviewing Do's and Don'ts: Best Practices

Error Management: Tracking and Trending to Process Improvement

Ascending the Laboratory Value Pyramid: Our Impact on Patient Outcomes & Organizational Performance

Clinical Lab 2.0: What is it? How Does This Translate into Laboratory Management and Leadership?

Making Laboratory Safety Stick

Essential Communication Techniques: Be a Better Writer, Presenter, and Manager

PAMA Update 2019

Employee Engagement Surveys: A Manager's Nightmare or Dream?

Improve Patient Experience: Optimizing the Lab Check-In Process

Mentorship – A Rewarding Journey

Patient Blood Management: Our Road to Certification

Help for the Crazy Busy: How to Get Control Over Your Time and Commitments

The Science of Success

KnowledgeLab 2018 Recording Package

Laboratory Integration: Outreach and Other Tactics

Understanding the Changes in Healthcare and Clinical Lab Marketplace

Coaching: How to Create Profound and Sustainable Positivity in Your Team

Collaborative Leadership

Talk or Walk: Surviving Cost, Reimbursement, and Other Challenges

DLM Exam Preparatory Course

Test Utilization Management An Update from the Trenches

The Dream of Automating the Microbiology Lab

The Patient Experience

Why Healthcare’s Evolution Creates Opportunity to Redefine the Value of Clinical

Will Health Plans Kill the Laboratory Outreach Program

Strategies for Successful Point of Care Programs

Closing the Personnel Gap

Developing Your Leadership Style

Engaging Staff in EHR Implementation and Reducing Risk

Five Interventions to Save Money and Satisfy Patients

Implementing a Laboratory IT-Driven Approach to Improving Patient Outcomes

How to Manage Lab Error

Influencing Your Leadership Team

Intelligent Business Using Business Intelligence

Military Perspectives on an Integrated, Affordable, High Quality Health Service

Operation Enduring Freedom

Planning Lean Laboratory

Project Management in the Laboratory Environment

Strategies for an Impactful Diversity and Inclusion Program

KnowledgeLab 2015 Ultimate Conference Session Package

KnowledgeLab 2015 Laboratory Leadership Package

KnowledgeLab 2015 General Sessions Package

How to Survive the Stress of Life

Know When to Hold Them, Know When to Fold Them...Dealing With Difficult Employees

Test Utilization Strategies at UnityPoint Health

Leadership Development - A Core Competency for Every Laboratory Manager

Leveraging Adaptive Leadership Theory in the Laboratory

Clinical Laboratory Management in the Military Health System

KnowledgeLab 2016: Full Recording Package

Military Health System Strategic Updates

Cultivating a Culture of Quality

CPR: A Customer and Employee Engagement Model

Leadership Developing Skills: Beyond Doing Things Right by Doing the Right Things

Stress, Burnout, and Emotional Intelligence

Charting the Course: An Urgently Needed Dynamic and Cutting Edge Program for Healthcare Leaders and Physicians

KnowledgeLab 2017 Recording Package