MHS GENESIS: The New DoD Electronic Health Record

Presented by COL Jacob Aaronson, DO, MS, MMAS, United States Army

MHS GENESIS is the new DoD Electronic Health Record that will support the delivery of healthcare to over 9.6 million beneficiaries. While the contracted cost exceeds 4 billion dollars, associated deployment and sustainment costs will likely well exceed that figure. Given the geographic worldwide scale and the number of affected beneficiaries for the DoD alone, the fact that MHS GENESIS will be deployed to the US Coast Guard and US MEPCOM, and that the VA will be deploying the same system, this is truly the most extensive implementation of an EHR yet attempted.

COL Aaronson will explain his background and his role in the implementation project that began in 2013. He will provide background information on the previous EHR-related systems and how the decision to replace them was made. He will address the scope of the project as contracted, with insight into the complexity and magnitude of the project, including the geographic and logistical constraints, which include capabilities in unique, austere and remote locations. He will also speak to lessons learned, the status of the project and projected schedule, and long-term vision to include collaboration with the VA on a common EHR platform.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the two most common behaviors that occur when a conversation turns emotional and identify your own style under stress
  • List four practical approaches that will ensure success whether you need to start a challenging conversation, respond effectively when a conversation turns crucial, or get back on track if the train derails
  • Develop a renewed sense of confidence by bringing a challenging situation to the presentation and practicing the exact conversation you have been avoiding

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