Ascending the Laboratory Value Pyramid: Our Impact on Patient Outcomes & Organizational Performance

Presented by Carol Collingsworth, MBA, MT(ASCP)SC & Denise L Geiger, PhD.,DLM(ASCP)

Healthcare is transforming at a frenzied pace. The journey from a volume-based laboratory to one focused on high-value patient outcomes requires leveraging technology and data analytics, collaborating with key stakeholders, integration across the enterprise, and heightened engagement and visibility of laboratory leaders within their organizations. This panel presentation will introduce the Laboratory Value Pyramid, a strategic roadmap for making the transition from volume to value, and will discuss how leveraging automation technologies, process modification, and data leads to improved patient outcomes and organizational performance. Specific laboratory initiatives will be presented to demonstrate how ascending the Laboratory Value Pyramid brings increasing value-added measures for high-value patient outcomes. The presentation will conclude by outlining ways laboratory leaders can effectively communicate the vital role the clinical laboratory plays in the continuum of care with their organizational leaders and clinical colleagues.

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss how leveraging technology and usable data can improve quality and achieve high-value patient outcomes, and examine and measure the value of laboratory information on organizational performance
  • Describe how the laboratory can be a critical contributor to performance-driven healthcare and illustrate key examples where collaboration between laboratory leaders and clinical colleagues have resulted in improved patient outcomes and/or reduction in cost
  • Identify tactics laboratory leaders can utilize to effectively communicate the value of the clinical laboratory with their administrative and clinical colleagues across their organizations

Continuing Education

  • 1.0 Contact Hour

Body of Knowledge Learning Domains

  • Governance and Organizational Dynamics

Content Level

  • Advanced


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