Improve Patient Experience: Optimizing the Lab Check-In Process

Presented by Troy Delaney, MBA

Observations of long lines at the Mayo Clinic Florida lab check-in desk during peak business initiated this project. The long lines can become a burden on patients waiting in line, to traffic passing through as well as those trying to access the elevators. Our project goal was to optimize the time required to check a patient in so that a long line doesn't develop and negatively impact the patient experience. The target was to improve control by at least 30% through the reduction or elimination of non-value added activities at the desk using the data-driven methodology that included rapid tests of change.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify non-value added steps in lab check-in process
  • Complete rapid tests of change using Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) model
  • Describe quality methods applied to improving check-in process

Continuing Education
0.5 Continuing Education Unit

Body of Knowledge Learning Domains

  • Business and Clinical Operations

Content Level

  • Essential


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