Laboratory Integration: Outreach and Other Tactics

Presented by Jane M. Hermansen, MBA, MT(ASCP)

Integration of laboratory testing is becoming increasingly more important in our changing healthcare environment. With the formation of larger health systems and integrated delivery networks, the role of the laboratory remains of critical importance. What is the best way to achieve balance in the local delivery of care, optimization of testing across multiple laboratories, and cost-effectiveness? These are the key questions that the majority of laboratories are trying to answer today. What is most important? High quality and excellent service/efficiency, or driving out redundancy and realizing economies of scale? Can these philosophies co-exist? Patient-centered testing must remain our industry’s top priority. This presentation, recorded at KnowledgeLab 2018, describes the different laboratory integration models that are currently in place in the industry and covers the benefits and challenges realized by each model.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe national trends of health system integration and identify the key role of the laboratory in achieving this integration
  • Define a laboratory integration strategy, to include internalization of testing, provider use of the health system laboratory and the power and value of integrated patient data
  • Develop a plan for the integration of laboratory services across a health system which includes outreach and other tactics

Continuing Education
1.0 Continuing Education Unit

Body of Knowledge Learning Domains

  • Governance and Organizational Dynamics
  • Strategic Planning and Marketing
  • Medical Decision Support

Content Level

  • Advanced


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