How to Manage Lab Error

This topic is targeted for laboratorians who are interested in establishing successful strategies to prevent proficiency testing failures. These strategies are based on comparing the analytic error of a subject method to the medically allowable error for the analyte being measured. The goal of this short topic is to reinforce PT basics, offer troubleshooting guidelines, incorporate PT into a total performance improvement package, and suggest prevention as a proactive approach. It will review appropriate quality control ranges and then determine the acceptability of a range using a Westgard Method Decision Chart.

Learning Objectives

  • Be able to discuss proficiency testing (PT) basics
  • Be able to utilize troubleshooting guidelines
  • Be able to propose 1/3 total error allowed, discuss Six Sigma, and reduce lab erro

Continuing Education
1.0 Continuing Education Unit

Body of Knowledge Learning Domains

  • Business and Clinical Operations

Content Level

  • Essential


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