Strong Interventions to Reduce the Use of Unnecessary Laboratory Tests

Presented by Jane Dickerson, Seattle Children's Hospital

In the era of the Affordable Care Act, active laboratory utilization management is one of the most significant trends in laboratory medicine.   This lecture describes some common areas of overtesting that burden clinical laboratories while adding little value for patient care.  In addition,  the session focuses on the use of genetic counselors, medical technologists and doctoral level consultants to improve the value of testing for patients and significantly decrease costly, unnecessary sendout tests.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the value equation for patients as it applies to lab testing and how utilization management can increase value to patients. 
  • Compare and contrast genetic testing to other laboratory tests with regards to the value equation.
  • Describe 2 interventions that increase the likelihood the correct lab test will be ordered.
  • Summarize the national lab utilization guidance service administered by Seattle Children’s in collaboration with more than 20 adult and pediatric hospitals across the USA.

Continuing Education
1.0 Continuing Education Unit

Body of Knowledge Learning Domains

  • Business and Clinical Operations

Content Level

  • Advanced


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