Using the Laboratory Value Pyramid to Help Your Lab's Transformation

Presented by Jim Ellis, Managing Partner, MME Consulting, LLC, Aiken, SC

What are you doing to transition your lab from “volume to value”?  Can you afford to spend up to 5 years like some early adopters who started this transition years ago, e.g. Mayo, Cleveland Clinic, Henry Ford, Kaiser, TriCore, and some others?  If you don’t have a plan or are not actively developing your transition now, you are in danger of being out-sourced, consolidated, bought-out, or closed down.

If you find yourself and your lab in the later situation, there is help available to assess your current situation, develop a plan for transition, begin to execute the plan and accomplish transition in a reasonable time frame, not 5 years.  A very powerful concept and tool, the “Laboratory Value Pyramid (LVP)”, has been developed over the last 2 years to help you with this important transition.  The LVP was created as a joint venture among 3 contributors – “The Dark Report”, MME Consulting LLC, and a major diagnostic company. Over the past two years the LVP has gotten wide spread attention and acceptance from numerous sources.  See the references listed at the end of this topic summary.

Be sure to tune into the June 14th CLMA “2016 Body of Knowledge Webinar Series” at 12 noon CT to hear Jim Ellis of MME Consulting, LLC, describe how the “Lab Value Pyramid” can help you move from “Volume to Value”.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the 4 levels of the Lab Value Pyramid and their relationships to the Lab (internal vs. external).
  • Be able to give an example that demonstrates proficiency by a lab at each of the 4 levels. 
  • Name the methodology used to develop transformation at each level and name the 5 sequential steps used within this methodology. 
  • Describe what a "CTQ" is and why it is important at each level of the pyramid. 
  • Identify the 2 biggest constraints that would impede a lab from being successful in moving up the levels of the pyramid

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Body of Knowledge Learning Domains

  • Business and Clinical Operations

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  • Essential


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