Outreach Turning Points: Straight Answers for Tough Questions

Presented by Rodney Forsman

Everyone engaged in laboratory outreach will at one time or another encounter a seemingly difficult issue which, if addressed properly, will advance the program to the next level. Case studies from hundreds of community laboratory outreach programs show that some professionals have addressed these questions satisfactorily, and the challenges became turning points that led to success. This discussion addresses how to respond to operational, financial, sales, marketing, regulatory and other questions that arise at every stage of outreach development.

Not infrequently, hidden agendas and specious misinformation cloud decision-making. Perceived barriers to entry can be overcome if approached with perseverance and a new approach to problem solving. Ultimately, you will devise your own approach tailored for your circumstance after gaining confidence built upon evidence that others have been in your shoes. The presentation also prepares you for future unanticipated curve balls.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the right question to answer which may be hidden in a nebulous issue
  • Devise a strategic approach to resolving significant issues and proactively move forward
  • Gather insight from multiple solutions to the same problem to ensure depth of understanding and optimal solutions

Continuing Education
1.0 Continuing Education Unit

Body of Knowledge Learning Domains

  • Business and Clinical Operations

Content Level

  • Advanced


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