CLMA Mentorship Program

The CLMA Mentorship Program will provide opportunities for self-identified emerging leaders to engage with experienced laboratory managers who will provide guidance to identify opportunities for development of leadership skills in the local work setting or through external resources. Each mentorship pair agrees to engage in a partnership for a 12 month period, utilizing program tools and guidelines as provided by CLMA.

Project Goals

The purpose of the CLMA mentorship program is to serve as an extension to CLMA’s mission to “empower laboratory professionals”, the mentorship program seeks to encourage both personal and professional leadership skills and confidence of aspiring and new leaders. Leadership mentoring is supported through the shared knowledge of experienced and established laboratory professionals who are willing to support others in their career development.

  1. Connect aspiring/new leaders with established laboratory professionals
  2. Provide support for the development of laboratory leadership skills
  3. Enhance the mentee’s professional network
  4. Increase member satisfaction, engagement, and retention

Program Goals

Goals for the Mentee:

  • Identify key leadership skills required to successfully manage a laboratory and lead others
  • Assess personal leadership abilities and areas for growth
  • Develop a practical development plan with opportunities for planning and feedback with an experienced manager
  • Evolve critical thinking skills
  • Empower to strive for a leadership position

Goals for the Mentor:

  • Share knowledge and experience with emerging leaders
  • Refine methods of training and teaching in a more informal partnership
  • Empower mentee to engage in leadership development activities
  • Foster personal enthusiasm for sharing knowledge
  • Develop communication and leadership skills that are applicable in mentor's own professional life

Program Requirements


  • Recognition as an emerging leader in their current position
  • Aspires to obtain a leadership role or has recently advanced into a management position
  • Initiative and commitment to accept additional responsibility that may be required with special projects or assignment


  • A minimum of 10 - 15 years as a laboratory manager
  • Proven track record of professional excellence

Responsibilities & Expectations of the Mentor and Mentee

Responsibilities of the Mentee:

  • Make the initial contact with the mentor
  • Schedule and initiate regular meetings, as agreed upon
  • Establish meeting agenda
  • Establish specific goals; have a personal vision
  • Be flexible, take the initiative, and be responsive to your mentor's questions and comments
  • Maintain confidentiality at all times

Responsibilities of the Mentor:

  • Listen actively
  • Provide guidance; help mentee develop new/improved skills and knowledge related to goals
  • Challenge the mentee to think critically; analyze options
  • Share unique professional experiences when relatable
  • Encourage and identify additional opportunities for networking
  • Act as a “sounding board” for ideas. Offer encouragement for building self-confidence
  • Provide constructive and meaningful feedback
  • Maintain confidentiality at all times

Program Tools & Resources

Additional Sample Meeting Agenda

CLMA Mentoring Agreement Form

Mentor/Mentee Checklist

Mentor/Mentee First Meeting Checklist