About CLMA

CLMA aligns with ASCP

The acute challenges of declining membership and loss of KnowledgeLab income that developed in early 2020 resulted in revenues that no longer exceeded expenses. The CLMA board recognized the critical need to identify a path forward that assured the sustainability of the organization’s mission and work, rather than ceasing to exist altogether. Member feedback on the value and success of the CLMA and ASCP joint membership agreement and KnowledgeLab 2021 collaboration drove new rounds of thinking and planning that took shape as a blend of solution + synergy + continuation.

For additional information on the alignment, please refer to the Partnership page or FAQs.

Founded in 1976, the Clinical Laboratory Management Association (CLMA) is the international association of over 1,600 clinical laboratory professionals. CLMA provides support, resources, and advocacy in the clinical laboratory industry, supporting laboratory professionals as they take on leadership roles in their laboratories. CLMA educates and advocates on behalf of members and plays a leadership role in enhancing the image and increasing the visibility of the laboratory management profession.

Clinical laboratory managers and leaders, clinical technicians, consultants, marketers and military staff can connect and share their collective knowledge. Members at every stage in their career development benefit from their CLMA participation because our broad array of programs and services can be tailored to their needs:

  • Newer professionals can access the Body of Knowledge to develop a learning road map, attend webinars focused on these topics and take advantage of frequent networking opportunities to grow their careers.
  • Senior leaders can fine tune their management skills and strengthen the profession through mentoring and training opportunities.
  • Vendors can reach our members directly through advertising and national conference exhibits.
  • Marketers and other professionals who work within healthcare may structure our professional development activities in ways that support their objectives.

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CLMA empowers laboratory professionals to achieve excellence in leadership through forward-thinking educational, networking, and advocacy opportunities.


CLMA is the premier resource for laboratory professionals, supporting them at any stage of their career.


CLMA's bylaws may be viewed here.

Strategic Plan

Click here to view CLMA's 2019-2021 Strategic Plan.

Core Values

  1. Listen and understand our member’s needs to broaden our collective perspective
  2. Uphold and be responsible to ethical standards
  3. Treat all individuals with respect and dignity
  4. Hold each other accountable for defining and achieving CLMA’s success
  5. Encourage open communication and welcome diversity of opinions
  6. Commit to continuous learning, innovation and evolution
  7. Use data, instinct, and experience to inform future direction
  8. Strive to build trust with our members and stakeholders
  9. Value collaboration and support the will of the majority
  10. Have the courage to challenge the status quo
  11. Intentionally cultivate a community that recognizes, accepts and incorporates our inherent differences to create an environment that thrives as a result of its culture of diversity, equity and inclusion.

CLMA Culture Statement

We, the CLMA Board of Directors have committed to the values and behaviors reflected in the statements below: 

Data Based Decisions: The decisions of the Board of Directors are based upon data, combined with instinct and experience.  The Board will ensure that the appropriate financial resources will be available to acquire the necessary data.

Perspective: The Board strives to broaden its collective perspective and does so by listening to others. CLMA members operate in a diversity of environments and the Board strives to understand and represent that diversity as it carries out its duties.

Respect: We assume that the action of each member is based upon good intent.  We are respectful of one another, the laws that govern CLMA, and the ethical responsibility we have as a healthcare association. Every member of the Board is respectful of each other’s time and comes prepared for all meetings.

Conflict of Interest: The Board strives to do what they believe is in the best interest of CLMA, despite their personal and professional interests. Every member of the Board values collaboration and is willing to support the will of the majority.

Externally Focused: The Board is focused on outcomes, not process. Each Board member shares equal accountability for defining and achieving success for CLMA, and establishing clear accountability and decision-making authority.

Staff as Partners: The CLMA headquarters staff are considered a partner of the Board. The CLMA Executive Director serves as the Chief Executive Officer of CLMA and takes direction from the Board. The Board respects the role of the staff and their capabilities. Together, the Board and staff seek to establish clear expectations and role clarity.

Financial Stewardship: The Board serves as a financial steward for CLMA to ensure that revenue exceeds expenses.

CLMA Statement of Inclusion

Over the past several weeks, the CLMA Board of Directors have experienced alongside you the health inequities exposed by the pandemic and the tragic deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery, and we’ve watched the subsequent protests and social unrest that have occurred in response to the racial injustice and inequities experienced by the Black community. 

To be clear: CLMA stands in solidarity with the Black community and all other communities of color. We condemn racism in any form. 

But, making this statement isn’t enough. We must be undeniably committed to change – in our hearts, homes, workplaces and communities – through our words and actions. 

We vow to intentionally integrate educational and career opportunities centered around diversity, equity and inclusion. We will share and curate articles, books and other resources created to educate on implicit biases. CLMA will continually seek greater understanding of the ways in which racism, bias, and privilege are embedded in our systems. Our Core Values have also been updated to include our commitment to diversity and inclusion. 

Our new Core Value states that we will intentionally cultivate a community that recognizes, accepts and incorporates our inherent differences to create an environment that thrives as a result of its culture of diversity, equity and inclusion

We will never stop speaking out and speaking up about racial injustice and inequity– we are firmly committed to making a tangible change in the hearts, minds and communities of those that we serve and in our profession. 

Our community is made better – more whole – by what differentiates us, and we are committed to making it clearer than it has ever been before that we fully support and intentionally embrace those differences.