General Session Speakers

Monday Morning General Session Keynote: How to Survive the Stress of Life in the 21st Century: Insider Tips to Go the DistanceMonday, March 21
8:00 am – 9:30 am

CLMA KnowledgeLab General Session Speaker, Dr. Ed CreaganOur lifestyles are killing us. Most studies state approximately 70% of professionals are "fried" at the end of the day. More of us are taking antidepressants and seeking psychiatric care than any time in history. In a serious yet humorous manner, Dr. Creagan will share with the "insider's recipe" to go the distance in today's environment. He will emphasize the biology, psychology, spirituality and sociology of stress. He will share with us practical, user-friendly approaches that can be implemented today so that we can continue to bring our gifts and skills to our personal and medical communities. No one has a greater stake in our health and well-being than we do. Dr. Creagan will emphasize that the best way to predict the future is to create the future. With his insights and experiences, we can create a future of health, peace, prosperity and serenity. He is the author of the fully revised second edition of his triple award-winning book in collaboration with Sandy Wendel, M.D., How Not to Be My Patient: A Physician’s Secrets for Staying Healthy and Surviving Any Diagnosis.

Edward T. Creagan, M.D., F.A.A.H.P.M., is a board certified medical oncologist and a professor at the Mayo Clinic. He was Mayo's first board-certified hospice and palliative care physician, has been elected president of the Mayo Clinic Staff and received the Distinguished Clinician Award, Mayo Clinic's highest honor. Dr. Creagan has had about 40,000 contacts with the terminally ill patient; he understands the role of stress, resiliency, durability and facing adversity.

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Tuesday Morning General Session Keynote: Set Up to Step InTuesday, March 22
8:00 am – 9:30 am

CLMA KnowledgeLab General Session Speaker, Mark Noon

Mark Noon's signature topic, and based on the book by the same title. As a leader, your paramount task is to develop future leaders. This means, in the simplest term, if a new leader is identified from within your organization; does that new leader have to step up to a position of leadership, or can they simply step in? Have you set them up for success, put them into a position for which they have been properly prepared, and delivered the success measures. Do they have the skills to be a strong team player? Have you invested in them, shown them how much you value them, learned how to delegate to have ownership? We must be able to develop, manage up, and value employees, teammates, leaders. This is the time to do that.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to set up yourself for success, so you can set up others
  • Identify the characteristics of leader development
  • Learn how to manage up teammates for higher performance
  • Create the most effective teams by putting people in the right positions for the best outcomes, adding value and managing up for higher performance

Twenty years of leadership experience in Military and Civilian Healthcare focusing on Patient Services and Executive Leadership, Mark Noon, USAF (Ret.), National Speaker, Studer Group, has been instrumental in helping military facilities enhance operational and service excellence. And now, for the past three years, has brought that expertise to the Studer Group. Mark has taught the highest level of Air Force (AF) Medical leaders about improving employee engagement and patient satisfaction, rounding for outcomes, and using key words at key times.

Mark has coached in more than 45 organizations, and leads that effort in 11 directly. In 2013-14, all hospitals gained in Employee Engagement scores, some by as high as 10 points, and 85% increase in HCAHPS quality composites overall.

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Closing General Session Keynote: Clinical Laboratory Management in the Military Health System

Wednesday, March 23
10:30 am – 11:30 am

Col. Brian Casleton, US Air Force Col. Kris Calero, US Army CDR Adrian Gaskin, US Navy

Col. Brian Casleton, MLS (ASCP)CM, SBBCM, MS, MBAUS Air Force, Col. Kris Calero, US Army and CDR Adrian Gaskin, US Navy, will provide an overview of laboratory medicine within the Military Health System (MHS) and Department of Defense (DoD). Panel members will share their experiences, challenges and solutions for laboratory management; from laboratory managers and directors that rotate every 2-4 years; a staff made up of very junior military laboratory technicians with a civilian personnel backbone; strategies to ensure we comply with regulatory requirements; cost effective management; deployments; and overseas operations.