Program Guidelines

Are you involved in shifting the focus from lab-centric to patient-centric? If so, then ICE is intended to spotlight your efforts and provide a mechanism for sharing your results with others who want to follow in your footsteps. 

Any healthcare professional(s) can submit an abstract regardless of their membership status in CLMA or even whether they work in a clinical laboratory. Quality improvement efforts often involve teams and a focus on patient outcomes will frequently involve a multi-disciplinary approach. Team submissions are expected, but not required. 

Abstract Requirements

ICE submissions must describe quality improvement initiatives, either piloted or implemented, that address clinical effectiveness in laboratory medicine. These abstracts should include information that allows reviewers to evaluate the replicability of such programs at their institutions. Below are the areas for submission in the abstract submission:

  • Project Intentions & Goals (Provide a brief summary on the background of the problem and what you were hoping to solve)
  • Interventions & Measures (What criteria did you use? What was your timeline?)
  • Data Analysis & Results (brief summary of your results, analysis, and findings. Interventions, measures, and data analysis does not need to be high-tech)
  • Lessons Learned (What conclusions did you come to at the end of your project? What lesson did this experience teach you?