Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Why do we need the ICE initiative?

In the USA, a shift in reimbursement is occurring from fee-for-service to value-based. Since the clinical laboratory represents only 3-5% of the national health expenditure, value cannot be impacted by focusing only on reducing laboratory costs. Therefore, it is imperative we shift our focus to clinical effectiveness to address the larger opportunity of waste that the IOM estimates at 30% of health expenditures.

2. Why is this an initiative of CLMA?

CLMA seeks to build member value by helping its members become more valuable to the healthcare industry. The ICE Initiative is championed by CLMA to demonstrate the laboratory's value in providing measurable positive impact on patient outcomes. Today, the initiative is executed  as an abstract submissions process that showcases studies of improved patient outcomes championed by laboratory physicians and scientists. These abstracts are showcased at CLMA's KnowledgeLab annual conference event. 

3. What kinds of projects would meet the published criteria?

There are many kinds of projects that could meet the criteria. The current focus on reducing unnecessary repeat testing is an example if it can be clearly shown it is unnecessary and not just a means to save money. Data mining efforts that reduce the absence of follow-up testing associated with abnormal results is another example. Projects that increase the screening of appropriate adults for diabetes could be another. In each case, the key will be identifying appropriate outcome measures. Please visit the ICE Library for more great examples of past submissions. 

5. Do you have to be a CLMA member to participate?

No. Any healthcare professional is eligible to participate.