CLMA aligns with ASCP

The acute challenges of declining membership and loss of KnowledgeLab income that developed in early 2020 resulted in revenues that no longer exceeded expenses. The CLMA board recognized the critical need to identify a path forward that assured the sustainability of the organization’s mission and work, rather than ceasing to exist altogether. Member feedback on the value and success of the CLMA and ASCP joint membership agreement and KnowledgeLab 2021 collaboration drove new rounds of thinking and planning that took shape as a blend of solution + synergy + continuation.

For additional information on the alignment, please refer to the FAQs.

Regarding CLMA Chapters, ASCP will send out information in January about the activation of CLMA Chapters in your local area. For 2022, ASCP is waiving the Chapter administrative fee as we work through the transition.

Local chapters provide networking, education and a sense of belonging for CLMA members.

Why Join?



CLMA chapters offer expanded networking opportunities through local educational programs and social gatherings. Many members cite chapter involvement as their most valued membership benefit.



Educational programs offered by CLMA chapters are a convenient way to earn continuing education credits. CLMA chapters hold annual conferences and offer educational programming during chapter meetings for CLMA members. Don't miss out on the chance to enhance your professional development while staying local!



Chapters provide excellent opportunities to sharpen your skills and gain valuable leadership experience. Volunteering on a Chapter Board or Committee will help position you for your next career move and increase your value to your employer by developing your management skills

Join a Local Chapter

To join a CLMA chapter, search the Chapter Directory to find the chapter(s) closest to you. You can click on the individual chapter page to learn more and follow these instructions to add Chapter Membership to your existing CLMA membership. Chapter membership and chapter event attendance is an exclusive CLMA member benefit.

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