Committees and Leaders

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is comprised of CLMA Officers and Council Chairs. Their goal is to promote and facilitate the fulfillment of the objectives of the Board of Directors. They call special meetings as necessary and can transact the business of the association if needed.

Finance, Audit and Administration Committee 

The Finance, Audit and Administration Committee (FAAC) approves CLMA’s operating and capital budgets on an annual basis. They monitor the CLMA budget periodically as needed; maximize financial stability of the association; oversee the work of an external auditor from a registered public accounting firm; make recommendations to the Chief Executive Officer and Board of Directors when action is needed to improve budget performance; assist the Board of Directors and Secretary/Treasurer in developing financial policies and investment strategies and prepare an annual report to the Board of Directors on the status of the financial statements, external audit results, and policy recommendations

KnowledgeLab Program Committee

The KnowledgeLab Program Committee (KLPC) identifies relevant, diverse and cutting-edge topics and associated speakers to include within the annual KnowledgeLab conference schedule to meet the educational needs of the CLMA membership and conference attendees.

Board LiaisonRochelle Odenbrett, MT(ASCP), MBA

Committee ChairSandra Jameson, MT(ASCP), MBA

Committee Members

Education Advisory Resource Committee

The Education Advisory Resource Committee (EARC) is a group of volunteer leaders that strategizes initiatives, guides best practices, and serves as ambassadors. Advisory committee members are visionaries, thought-leaders, strategizers, and ambassadors that come from CLMA’s many constituencies. The EARC is responsible for maintaining and updating the enduring and ongoing educational resources for CLMA members. This includes but is not limited to: live webinars, recorded offerings, and assessing education offered through the Body of Knowledge.

Board LiaisonPatti Walton, MHSA, MT(ASCP)

Committee ChairMelissa Hiserote, MS, PMP
Committee Vice-Chair: Barbara Day, MS, MT(ASCP)SBB

Committee Members

Editorial Advisory Board

The Editorial Advisory Board (EAB) ensures that the new Industry Pulse Blog reflects CLMA’s strategic vision for laboratory leaders and supports CLMA’s membership in their roles as laboratory managers. The EAB is responsible for the Industry Pulse editorial content calendar and makes recommendations around design and technology as related to the delivery of the blog content.

Board LiaisonSheila Lawson, MBA

EditorMartha Casassa, MS, CLD/MT(ASCP)

Board Members

Shared Interest Groups Committee

Shared Interest Groups (SIGs) Committee is a made up of the volunteer leaders (Co-Chairs) of each SIG. SIG Co-Chairs work in conjunction with the CLMA staff to oversee all SIGs for the year. Specific responsibilities include developing an annual plan to provide virtual networking and educational opportunities for SIG membership. Co-Chairs collaborate directly with CLMA staff on SIG programming, including the scheduling and selection of virtual programs, creation of resources, and sourcing of content. Co-Chairs help promote SIG opportunities to the membership via social media and targeted messages to the membership, provide feedback on the progression of the SIGs and perform a quarterly analysis to evaluate the effectiveness of the education and networking.

Board LiaisonCynthia S. Parrish, MT(ASCP) SC, SH, DLM

New Technology, Testing, and Trends SIG Leaders

Personnel, Staffing, and Response to Healthcare Changes SIG Leaders

Professional Development and Management SIG Leaders

Regulatory Changes and Quality Improvement SIG Leaders

Legislative, Compliance and Regulatory Committee 

The Legislative, Compliance and Regulatory Committee (LCRC) informs and educates CLMA members regarding federal, regulatory, compliance and reimbursement issues, and advocates on behalf of CLMA members to national organizations, federal agencies, and regulators.

Board LiaisonBonnie D. Rubin, MLS(ASCP), MBA, MHA

Committee ChairDiane Cicchini, BS

Committee Members

Chapter Advisory Resource Committee

The Chapter Advisory Resource Committee (CARC) is a resource group of volunteer leaders charged with strengthening the relationship between CLMA National and the Chapters by strategizing initiatives, guiding best practices, and serving as ambassadors. CARC volunteer leaders are visionaries, thought-leaders, strategizers, and ambassadors that come from CLMA’s many constituencies. The CARC is responsible for maintaining and updating the enduring and ongoing chapter resources, distributing communications, and increasing engagement within the Chapter Leader Community.  This committee is also responsible for overseeing the planning of the Chapter Leader Summit and supporting the Council of Chapter Leaders Chair in ensuring adherence of compliance and annual requirements of the chapters.

Board LiaisonSean Tucker, MLS(ASCP), MBA

Committee ChairCynthia Brawley, MHA, MT(AMT)
Committee Vice-ChairGinny Seno, MBA

Committee Members