Committees and Leaders

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is comprised of CLMA Officers and Council Chairs. Their goal is to promote and facilitate the fulfillment of the objectives of the Board of Directors. They call special meetings as necessary and can transact the business of the association if needed.

Advocacy Resource Group 

The Advocacy Resource Group (ARG) engages in external and internal advocacy efforts on behalf of CLMA and the laboratory profession. Their goal is educate our members on how they can make a difference and get involved with advocacy. 

Board LiaisonBonnie Rubin, MLS(ASCP), MBA, MHA

Committee Members:

  • Anthony Kurec
  • Barbara Day
  • Junell Petersen
  • Matendrick Adolphe
  • Rick Panning
  • Rodney Forsman
  • Theresa Garcia

Chapter Advisory Resource Committee

The Chapter Advisory Resource Committee (CARC) is a resource group of volunteer leaders charged with supporting our local chapters by providing resources and support to help them be successful. The CARC is responsible for overseeing the planning of the Chapter Leader Summit and annual Chapter Awards.

Board LiaisonSheila Lawson, MBA

Committee Members:

  • Christina Hampton
  • Courtney Weir
  • Genna Lehr
  • Sandra Jameson

Shared Interest Group (SIG) Committees 

The SIG Committees are made up of the volunteer leaders of each SIGfacilitate virtual networking, discussion, and connection in our online resource communities. Their goal is to plan relevant, timely programming events for our members.

New Technology, Testing, and Trends SIG Leaders

Board LiaisonMelissa Hiserote, MS, PMP

Committee ChairMilly Keeler, BSMT(ASCP), CLC(AMT)

Committee Members:

  • Barbara Day
  • Cassie Hartgrave
  • Dennis Winsten

Personnel, Staffing, and Response to Healthcare Changes SIG Leaders

Board LiaisonMichael Johnson, MBA, MT(ASCP)

Committee ChairRon Purkapile, FACHE, MSc. DLM(ASCP)CM 

Committee Members:

  • Belinda Baron
  • Carol Smola
  • Deborah Blecker-Shelly

Professional Development and Management SIG Leaders

Board LiaisonJane Hermansen, MBA, MT(ASCP)

Committee ChairPatty Eschliman, MHA, MLS(ASCP)CM, DLMCM, CPC 

Committee Members:

  • Angela Cedeño
  • Aaron Samson
  • Erin Schreader

Regulatory Changes and Quality Improvement SIG Leaders

Board LiaisonCharles McDonald, Jr, MT(ASCP), MA, MBA

Committee Members:

  • Charles Dunham
  • George Deratany
  • Jean Tenuta