Medical Laboratory Professionals Week (MLPW)

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Medical Laboratory Professionals Week (MLPW), was April 18–24, 2021!

We hope MLPW was your time to be recognized and your chance to celebrate your staff's outstanding performances and accomplishments this year.

Celebrating you was especially important this year in light of the meaningful work your teams are doing related to COVID-19.

CLMA Lab Week Networking Event

Using the virtual networking platform Wonder our members were able to connect face-to-face with anyone in the room – similar to an in-person event. We loved celebrating Lab Week 2021 with you.

How Did You Celebrate Your Team During Lab Week 2021?

How did you celebrate this year? Did you: 

  • Share a virtual or handwritten card with a colleague you’re grateful for
  • Buy lunch for your team members (taking current COVID-19 guidelines into account, of course!)
  • Encourage colleagues to share photos and display the slideshow at your next team meeting
  • Send a note of encouragement to your laboratory team, acknowledging the important work they do every day

The Ultimate Show of Appreciation for Your Team is CLMA Membership

Does your team deserve more celebration than just MLPW? Fund a group membership for two or more team members so that they can enjoy and prosper from the value of CLMA membership. You’ll receive 5–15% off the membership fee, depending on how many people you register!

Fund Group Membership