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KnowledgeLab 2018 Recording Package

Understanding the Changes in Healthcare and Clinical Lab Marketplace

DLM Exam Preparatory Course

KL 15 Course: Test Utilization Management An Update from the Trenches

KL 15 Course: Strategies for Successful Point of Care Programs

KL 15 Course: How to Manage Lab Error

KL 15 Course: Intelligent Business Using Business Intelligence

KL 15 Course: Project Management in the Laboratory Environment

KnowledgeLab 2017: Charting the Course

April 2014 BOK Webinar: The New Imperative-Creating a Value-Driven Clinical Laboratory

August 2014 BOK Webinar: Laboratory Outreach Success-Alignment & Planning

February 2015 BOK Webinar: Strong Interventions to Reduce the Use of Unnecessary Laboratory Tests

February 2016 BOK Webinar: Provider Report Cards: Outpatient Applications in Laboratory Utilization

June 2016 BOK Webinar: Using the Laboratory Value Pyramid to Help Your Lab's Transformation

Outreach Turning Points: Straight Answers for Tough Questions

Deploying Advanced LEAN Six-Sigma Tools

Management Review and Its Role in a Quality Management System