CLMA Laboratory Leadership Academy 

Understanding how to manage a laboratory is an important part of being a laboratory leader. But being a great laboratory leader means that you know how to effectively steer your laboratory through difficult challenges and come out on top. CLMA's Laboratory Leadersihp Academy combines innovative programming with content designed to enhance the leadership skills of laboratory managers.

The CLMA Laboratory Leadership Curriculum takes place in conjunction with KnowledgeLab 2016, March 20-23 at the Disney's Coronado Springs Resort on Sunday, March 20 from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm with breakfast from 7:30 am - 8:00 am and lunch from 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm. Register for the Laboratory Leadership Academy through the KnowledgeLab 2016 registration site.    

Head and Heart Leadership: Unlocking Your Potential
Calvin Guyer, MS, CFP, CPC , “The Carpe Diem Coach"

The fast paced and ever changing role of the laboratory leader calls for a highly engaged individual that not only has a high degree of emotional intelligence (EQ) but  calls for a leader that can also teach others to strengthen their EQ. In this dynamic session we will draw a direct link between EQ and performance of the individual, work group, and organization. We will present and demonstrate an approach to developing a higher EQ called Energy Leadership. Every participant will leave the workshop with an Action Development Plan to strengthen their personal EQ around areas they select. Building on this concept of EQ, we will link an increase in EQ to dynamic succession planning within the laboratory. The participant will begin the process of developing the "how" (using a highly regarded Leadership Competency Framework) to the "what" (outlined in the Body of Knowledge).

Learning Objectives:

  1. Recognize low emotional intelligence (EQ) and high EQ behaviors and implement two or three behavior modifications to improve personal EQ   
  2. Role-play various coaching scenarios to strengthen depth and breadth of understanding EQ and Energy Leadership and the role they play in individual, work group, and organizational performance
  3. Explore a model to develop a leadership pipeline within the laboratory setting to improve and strengthen your succession planning
  4. Construct and implement a personal Action Development Plan to put into practice the knowledge gained during the Laboratory Leadership Academy

Calvin GuyerCalvin Guyer developed his unique frame of reference as a coach through his military service working on highly complex engineering projects and as a certified financial planner working with high net worth families and business owners.

Calvin has had a series of leadership roles in various industries throughout his career. In 1994, after multiple total aircraft losses due to a mismanaged program, Calvin was appointed Director of the Air Force Jet Engine Oil Analysis Program. He assembled a team of technicians, engineers, equipment manufacturers, and researchers to identify and solve key technical and programmatic issues. In 2009, he was tapped to lead a branch of nine advisors at Merrill Lynch with over $5 million in production. His leadership and management skills were further challenged when he was recruited into the banking industry to lead a financial advisor change process from a transaction focus to a comprehensive financial planning focus. 

Calvin is a graduate of Iowa State University with a bachelor of science in Electrical Engineering and Wright State University with a master of science in Electrical Engineering. He holds the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER designation, is a Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy, and holds multiple FINRA registrations including registered principle. He received his formal coach training through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching and became a certified coach in 2013. Calvin is married, a father of four, and resides in Rochester, MN.

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Financial Excellence: The Art & Science of Successfully Managing the Laboratory's Bottom Line
Sarina Rodriques, FACHE, MSH, CLS, MLS(ASCP)DLM

Financial Management is the competency in healthcare finance, requiring sound financial management practices at all levels of experience, as well as an understanding of budgeting. The laboratory environment not only requires fiscal competence, but highly engaged leaders to lead their teams and organizations towards sound financial health. This course will cover key tools such as basic financial accounting, including cost accounting, benchmarking, expense evaluation and the preparation and interpretation of financial statements for internal managers and external stakeholders. This workshop will focus on internal uses of accounting information for decision making that lead to acquiring new technology and support the organizations strategic plan. Each participant will leave this workshop with an action plan for strengthening their self-selected areas of growth in financial management and the opportunity to see these principles in action through real case studies presented throughout the workshop.     

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss and generate ideas and best practices with Laboratory Leaders in a financial management workshop that covers a comprehensive overview of successfully executing day to day operations 
  2. Describe the process for how to request capital funding for cutting edge technology and process improvement plans that directly speaks to the organizations strategic plan
  3. Identify key financial tools that support developing laboratory reimbursement models, productivity standards and other key metrics to assist in decision making

Sarina RodriquesSarina Rodriques has been in healthcare for the last 22 years – 16 of them in management.  She is currently the Corporate Administrative Director of laboratories at Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian in Newport Beach & Irvine, California, a multi-hospital system.  Previously positions included: administrative director at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and manager of anatomic pathology.  Ms. Rodriques holds a Diplomat in Laboratory Medicine form ASCP.  Ms. Rodriques is a Fellow with the American College of Healthcare Executives.  As a Fellow of ACHE, she commits to working on initiatives focused on the development of our future workforce and healthcare leaders and recognizing the contributions of the laboratory industry.   

Ms. Rodriques has been a member of the CLMA since 2000. She has served at the international level as the Past-CCL Chair and on the Membership and Chapter Development Committee.  She ran the missed opportunities taskforce for ThinkLab and is founded and co-chaired the task force on the YoungLab.  She has served on the strategic planning committee of CLMA during the 2006-2007 year, a member of the political action committee and was awarded the PAC donor of the year for 2008.  Ms. Rodriques served on the International Board of Directors 2007-2010, member of the professional development committee, Chair of the ThinkLab’10, ‘11 task force, member of the Body of Knowledge (BOK) task force and author of the financial management domain for the BOK.  She served on the Greater LA BOD since 2004 and served as the membership chair and president from 2006-2008.  During her term as president, the GLAC was awarded the Chapter of the Year (2008) with distinction in membership and executive involvement.  She has contributed to CLMR, Vantage point and Laboratory Management publications.  She has spoken on automation, data informatics, lean workflow improvements, career ladder development, evidence based medicine and the body of knowledge at ThinkLab and Chapter education events.  Ms. Rodriques Chaired CLMAs Leadership Seminar for both Fundamentals of Laboratory Leadership (FoLL) and Advanced Laboratory Leadership courses (ALL).   

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