Medical Laboratory Professionals Week

April 23-29, 2017

Medical Laboratory Professionals Week (MLPW) is your time each year to be recognized and your chance to celebrate your staff's outstanding performances and accomplishments!

CLMA created these new and easy to use resources to help you celebrate each day of MLPW 2017, April 23-29. Check out the ideas below to help you get started. Many of the resources can be adapted for year-round use in promoting the value of the laboratory.


Spread the Word

Here are several resources to help you spread the word about MLPW and how your laboratory is positively impacting patient outcomes. Customize these materials for your own use and then just hit the "send" button!

  • Press release: Customize this press release to send to your local media-including television and radio stations, regional newspapers, and city officials-or ask your facility's PR department to help you spread the message.
  • Write a letter to the administration: Customize this letter to request your administration's attendance at certain events or ask them to highlight the importance of the laboratory in your hospital or facility's internal and external communications.
  • Go viral: Customize these social media posts to share with your followers and provide suggested posts to your facility's marketing team. Share personal or patient stories (with permission), photos, and videos that show the value of the laboratory in patient care!
  • Take pictures to commemorate your Lab Week celebration! Share your photos and your celebration story on CLMA's Facebook page or email them to

  • Promote, promote, promote: Include the MLPW logo and customize one of these taglines for your email signature, voicemail, or LinkedIn profile.

Celebrate your Team

Host an MPLW celebration for your team and invite other key stakeholders to show their appreciation for the value of the work your staff does by joining in the festivities!

  • Host a potluck lunch, healthy treat, or dessert day: Facilitate a recipe swap or a cook-off challenge-or just bring in some good food to enjoy each other's company!
  • Certificate of appreciation: Host an awards ceremony and use this template to print certificates to present to each of your staff members.
  • Thank-you note: A handwritten thank-you note is always appreciated. Ask your administration and other key stakeholders to show their thanks, too, by signing your note or writing one of their own.
  • Take pictures to commemorate your Lab Week celebration! Share your photos and your celebration story on CLMA's Facebook page or email them to

Take Time for Professional Development

Invest in your own professional development to keep your skills sharp so you and your laboratory stay at the leading edge of the changes occurring in laboratory management and health care today.

  • Review the Body of Knowledge and take the self-assessment to determine the skills you need to enhance in order to become a well-rounded laboratory leader.
  • Education on Demand courses map to one (or more) of the Body of Knowledge domains so you can quickly find the education you need.

Open the Laboratory

The laboratory is a foreign place to many people - possibly even to people within your facility! Open up your workplace to help demystify this often little-known place.

  • Host a "laboraTOURy" open house: Invite employees, patients, local students, and other community groups to take a TOUR of your laboratory. Think like a lay-person and explain what happens to a sample from the moment a patient provides it through the time their doctor uses the results to make a diagnosis to guide treatment decisions.
  • Participate in a health fair: Make plans to attend the next community or hospital health fair. Gather materials and prepare to discuss how your laboratory positively affects patient health.

Get Out into the Community

Engage in the community to raise awareness of the opportunities for a career with the laboratory and also build morale amongst your team.

  • Present to a high school or college class: Help ensure a healthy pool of laboratorians in the future! Bring your team and explain what you do to help patients on a daily basis and how students can create their own career path within the laboratory.
  • Volunteer: Do something great for the community as a team-volunteer with a local health care organization or participate in a blood drive.
  • Free materials to support your efforts in advocating for the profession: CLMA has developed materials for you to use to support your efforts in advocating for the profession. We encourage you to customize the tools based on your usage and needs.