Year-Round Sponsorship Opportunities

Contact CLMA Sales Manager, Rebecca Baker at or 312.673.5827 for more information.

Website Banner Ads

Banner ads receive prime placement on the CLMA website, which welcomes more than 11,000 visitors each month. Ad space is available on the homepage and/or all site subpages. CLMA also permits the ad to link directly to your company’s website. CLMA’s new website features enhanced functionality and virtual networking capabilities; information is grouped into several topic areas:

  • Homepage (news, updates and featured information)
  • About CLMA
  • Member Center
  • Professional Development
  • Events
  • Publications & News
  • Chapters
  • Community
  • Advocacy



Width: 240 pixels
Height: 140 pixels
File type: GIF or JPEG; animated files permitted, no flash
Resolution: 72 dpi
File size: Cannot exceed 30K


Width: 221 pixels
Height: 227 pixels
File type: GIF or JPEG; animated files permitted, no flash
Resolution: 72 dpi
File size: Cannot exceed 30K

With this option, your ad will appear on all subpages.

$10,000: Exclusive homepage, 12 months
$5,000: Non-exclusive homepage, 12 months
$5,000: Exclusive in any section, 12 months
$2,500: Non-exclusive in any section, 12 months

Dedicated Broadcast E-mails

CLMA will send your pre-approved* e-mail communication to our distribution list of nearly 1,500 members and constituents. Now you can provide an instant response mechanism — and track statistics such as open and click-through rates. Because CLMA allows only two dedicated e-mails per month, opportunities are extremely limited. Please contact Rebecca Baker at for more information. 


Length: No more than 400 words

Format: E-mails must be fully coded HTML, provided as source code


$1,500 for each broadcast e-mail

Membership Mailing List

Send your pre-approved* direct-mail piece to nearly 1,500 CLMA members and other laboratory contacts. CLMA rents its member mailing list for one-time use; direct solicitation of members, however, is prohibited.

Dimensions: No larger than 8½" X 11"
Length: 12 pages maximum
Weight: 4 ounces or less

$1,500, plus cost of postage and labor as invoiced by CLMA’s third-party mailing house

Webinar Sponsorship

CLMA’s newest professional development program offers live sponsorship on webinars throughout the year on the Body of Knowledge Webinar Series, Emerging Issues Briefings Webinars, or specially scheduled webinar events.

  • Lead time: 4-6 weeks
  • CLMA promotes the webinar with e-blasts, social media, and website information
  • Attendee list provided to sponsor
  • Recording of webinar provided to sponsor


$5,000 per webinar

For details about webinar sponsorship, contact Rebecca Baker at or 312.673.5827.