ASCLS/CLMA/ASCP/AMT/AGT Legislative Symposium

“Leg Day” March 19-20, 2018


Ed Nartowicz, CLMA 2016-17 Advocacy Council Chair, welcomes attendees on behalf of CLMA.
Ed Nartowicz, CLMA 2016-2017 Advocacy Council Chair, welcomes attendees on behalf of CLMA.

The CLMA Legislative, Compliance and Regulatory Committee (LCRC) is assisting in the planning and presentations for the 2018 Legislative Symposium held in Washington, D.C., March 19 – 20. CLMA is sponsoring 4 attendees from the LCRC.  We encourage CLMA members and our local Chapters to sponsor members to attend so that our collective voice can be heard!

Advocacy efforts on behalf of CLMA members take many forms. Resources directed toward a physical presence on Capitol Hill pay several dividends. When legislation, regulations, or enforcement actions by the Federal Government and its agencies affect clinical laboratory managers, it is appropriate to first determine whether it would benefit our membership to support, oppose, or remain neutral on the issue. Educating our members on these emerging issues is always the goal of the LCRC.

Whether an action benefits or adversely impacts the membership, seeking remedy from legislators typically takes the form of asking for support or opposition to bills before the House and Senate, or recommending that new laws be introduced. If the issue involves actions by regulatory agencies it is often helpful to enlist the support of Senators and Members of Congress who communicate these concerns to the agencies. Actions such as co-pay and competitive bidding models for lab have successfully been dealt with in that manner. Importantly, face-to-face meetings with key legislators and their staff create two-way communication links that are very important for subsequent interactions.

Mary Jo Bonifas and Paul Keoppel educate attendees on PAMA and its impact on labs.

Mary Jo Bonifas and Paul Keoppel educate attendees on PAMA and its impact on labs.

The agenda of Leg. Day is always focused on current topics and is attentive to what business is foremost on Capitol Hill at that time. The first day of the meeting is educational for the registrants; learning about the issues impacting the clinical laboratory and how to present the message to our members of Congress. The second day is reserved for Hill visits. See the 2017 Legislative Symposium Leave Behind here.

Stay up to date on the advocacy issues facing you and your laboratory through the Advocacy section of CLMA's website.  

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Meeting with Karen Summar, MD, Senator Grassley’s Health Policy Director

Pictured Left to Right: Kim Von Ahsen, Carol Collingsworth, Mary Jo Bonifas, Dr. Karen Summar, Michele Best, Paul Keoppel, Brent Miller

LCRC members Mary Jo Bonifas and Carol Collingsworth on Capitol Hill